Professional Diploma in Marketing


  • Brand Management 
  • Marketing Research and Insight**
  •  Selling and Sales Management**
  • Digital Optimisation and Strategy**

Competency Control

  • Branding
  • Customer Experience
  • Product and Partnership
  • Digital Integration

i. Qualification overview and how it will benefit you

This pathway focuses on the aspects of marketing and the competencies required to succeed in the marketing function including Brand Management, Marketing Research and Insights, Selling & Sales Management and Digital Optimization and Strategy. Understanding of this pathway can be achieved through profound and vigorous appraisal procedures which incorporate the contemporary marketing industry. Successful completion of the CIMG Professional Diploma in Marketing pathway will create the expertise, skills and insight to be able to function at an executive level within the workplace

ii. Entry criteria

iii. Qualification Structure

Brand Management + Marketing Research and Insights + Selling and Sales Management + Digital Optimisation and Strategy = PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA IN MARKETING

iv. Fees

*Registration/RE-registration Fees* – GHS150

*Annual Subscription - GHS200 per annum

* Examination Fee -GHS150 per module X 4 modules= GHS600

*Overall Total - Registration/RE-registration + Annual Subscription +
Examination Fee = GHS950

v. What is my next move?

Move on to Pathway 4, being the Professional Degree in Applied Marketing

*Please note that payment applies to those who break their registration for more than one year

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