CIMG offers dual qualifications that are both academic and professional in nature. The Master’s degree is academic while the Chartered Marketer is the property of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana which is aimed at ensuring a high degree of professionalism and proper self-regulation. The CIMG will reserve the
right to withdraw the privileged status at its discretion though subject to its internal  rules and regulations.

The syllabus therefore respond to the  following emerging issues or challenges in  curriculum design:

  • Business Ethics
  • Digitalization of businesses,  processes, and the emerging institutional development such
    as independent institutions like FinTechs.
  • Development of marketing insights using machine learning and big data
  • Removal of the perception that marketers do not have a good appreciation of business finance and accounting
  • Why the CIMG qualification  should be taken as a professional  qualification and not like any other
  • What distinction CIMG designation  gives its holders
  • Future room for change and qualification development

Benefits Of Having a CIMG Professional Qualifications In Marketing

  • Professional competence qualifications and training for anyone interested in working in marketing or leveraging marketing as a business booster irrespective of his / her academic orientation.
  • Stronger collaboration between CIMG and Academia leading to applied marketing qualification (opportunity for dual qualifications).
  • Added value programmes with focus on entrepreneurship in marketing related jobs provides the opportunity for self employment.
  • Reasonably modest cost to marketing students compared to the alternatives (£ and $) and taking advantage of AFCTA, being export led and driving the Made in Ghana Agenda
  • Marketing Professionals who are highly relevant to all sectors of the economy and required to shape and promote the strategic marketing agenda of Ghana.

  • Investment in the right marketing capacity for Ghana.

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