Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana


Professional Advanced Certificate in Marketing


  • Decision Making Techniques
  • Management in Practice
  • Digital Marketing Techniques **

Competency Control

  • Risk
  • Behavioural Competencies
  • Digital integration

i. Qualification overview and how it will benefit you

The Professional Advanced Certificate in Marketing pathway 2, has the objective of providing students with intermediate skills and knowledge in Marketing. This serves as an add on or booster to Pathway 1.

Benefits associated with this Pathway are unquantifiable as the student stands to gain a workable appreciation of the values and use of Marketing at this middle level by leveraging their abilities and acquired knowledge to grow as professionals.

Individuals who hold this certificate are able to build on their Marketing fundamentals and apply practical skills as they develop and progress in their career..

ii. Entry criteria

iii. Qualification Structure

Decision Making Techniques + Management in Practice + Digital Marketing Techniques = PROFESSIONAL ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN MARKETING

iv. Fees

• Registration/Re-registration Fees* – GHS250

• CIMG Corporate Cloth (2 yards) – GHS60

• Annual Subscription - GHS250 per annum

•Examination Fee -GHS200 per module X 3 modules= GHS600

• Overall Total - Registration/Re-registration + CIMG Corporate Cloth +
Annual Subscription + Examination Fee = GHS1,160

v. What is my next move?

Join pathway 3, which is the PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA IN MARKETING

*Please note that payment applies to those who break their registration for more than one year

Exemption from exams in PW1 – GHS600.00

NB: Exemption fee(s) can be paid in instalments. However, results would not be released until all exemption fee(s) have been paid in full.

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