The CIMG continues to dazzle Corporate Ghana with our thought provoking series “Evening With” which continues to touch base with industry players.

Maidie Arkutu, CEO, Unilever took her turn last Tuesday, 05/04/16 on the topic “Authentic Leadership: The True Path to Being a Great Leader”. This happens to be the third in a series of thought inspiring Evening presentations from notable industry figures.

Horst Schulze, COO of Ritz Carlton Hotel Group and Founding Chairman of Capella Hotel Group kick-started the series on the topic “Creating a World class Customer Service”. Kenneth Thompson, CEO of Dalex Finance was next with another awe inspiring session on the theme “In the Abundance of Water………Ghana’s Economy in 2016”. The institute still receives testimonials on these two initial sessions due to their resonating nature with modern times.

Maidie Arkutu opened Q2 with her insightful presentation which really gave a whole new meaning to leadership.

  • How does one lead if their capacity to grow and develop themselves is non-existent?
  • As leaders, do we inspire confidence in our followers and do they have the hope of ever making it to the top with you as their leader?
  • Do we see ourselves as leaders who succeed in ad-hoc situations or we epitomize success in all endeavours?
  • Can we identify with our purposes in life and formulate action plans to see to achieving them?

Leadership we know transcends all facets of human endeavor and we are urged to go the extra mile at being living testimonies when stories of successful leadership is being told.

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