Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana


Placement Services

  • The CIMG placement services provide a professional, confidential and personalized recruitment services to organizations and institutions
  • This specialist placement services also assists CIMG corporate members to find suitable staff in all areas of marketing, advertising and sales as well.
  • The CIMG placement services also source expert marketing management skills for companies on contract projects or outsource basis.


The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana over the years has played its advocacy role in various capacities.

Typical amongst these are:

  • The development of HND syllabus.
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Quarterly consultative meeting with the Private sector (MOTI)
  • IPS Council

The institute also made contributions to the following:


CIMG Consult

Among the services offered by the CIMG consult are:

  • Organizing seminars and workshops on marketing practice, to educate the general public.
  • Holding conferences on important national economic issues and to discuss and suggest measures for solving these issues.
  • Carrying out marketing research activities for individuals, charities, government, NGOs, and institutions.
  • Holding in-house training courses for staff and management of institutions.
  • Serving as members on interview panels to select suitable candidate for organizations and institutions, particularly those needing marketing personnel.
  • Drawing up business and marketing plans for industries and individuals who require such services.
  • All members of the consultancy services group are highly qualified, experienced and motivated individuals whose total efforts offer the best results expected by purposeful organizations or institutions.
  • CIMG Consult delivers training programmes that span the basics of marketing through to issues of strategic importance.
  • CIMG is also able to offer you solutions on strategic marketing, looking at options that will meet your specific needs, focus on areas with potential for growth, etc.