A survey was recently conducted on the CIMG Annual National Marketing Performance Awards, to assess the public perceptions of the process.
The sample was drawn from corporate organizations and individuals.

The Survey revealed that CIMG awards has a very favourable image and is recognized as a benchmark of marketing excellence in Corporate Ghana. The following quotes buttress this point.

“The institution of these awards has indeed facilitated the creation of awareness about the emerging and increasingly critical importance that marketing has assumed as an important tool for economic development. These awards, distinguished ladies and gentlemen will no doubt help unearth talents whose contribution to nation building would have gone unrecognized, unrewarded and above all taken for granted.” Hon. Dr. Konadu Apraku, Member of Parliament and a former Minister of State.

“Permit me therefore Mr. President to express my appreciation to the CIMG for complementing government’s efforts at identifying and acknowledging the role individuals and organizations, such as those who are to receive these awards, have played in positioning Ghana on both local and foreign markets.”Hon. Kwamina Bartels, Member of Parliament and a former Minister of State.


  • Marketing Innovation
  • Technological Innovation
  • Level of Sophistication
  • Geographical Coverage
  • Outstanding Contributions to National Development
  • Market Place Success
  • Societal Impact
  • Market Share
  • Market Growth
  • Sales growth and market coverage
  • Customer Care Schemes
  • Public Image
  • Cleanliness of environment
  • Enhanced services provided