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Our Mission is to Become The Best Service Company in The World.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and to build a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

We believe we will be successful if our clients are successful.

Solving the hardest problems requires the best people. We think that the best people will be drawn to the opportunity to work on the hardest problems. We build our firm around that belief. These two parts of our mission reinforce each other and make our firm strong and enduring.


1. Free marketing mix
2. Negotiated discounts as follows:
  • Graphic Range of products – 15% discount on annual subscription
  • Holy Trinity Clinic 100% discount on consulting fee
  • Business and Financial Times – 25 % discount on annual subscription
  • Melcom-Free membership of VIP Club and a regular discount on all purchases except food items.
  • Discount on services/product purchased at Honda Place, Regency Hotels, SIC Company and Emirates Airline
  • 20% discount on all training programmes organised by CIMG including those of GSM & the CIMG Executive School
  • In-house training of staff and provision of consultancy services by CIMG at discounted fee
3. Improve our clients’ performance significantly
4. Create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people
5. Free legal helpline from the Legal and Ethics Committee of CIMG
6. Opportunity to attend top-notched CIMG events free or discounted when free-paying
7. Possibility of obtaining credits during job interviews as a paid up member of the CIMG
8. Assistance in job search
9. Spill over effect to members of the value associated with the Institute’s programmes like – the Annual Awards, Seminars, Conferences and Presidential Ball.
10. Awards granted to members who take on projects and positions of responsibility for the institute and to serve on committees, which also enrich their CVs.

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